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Programs: Programs

Elevate Yourself to International Standard

Train Hard

Research Internship

Pre-Doctoral  Program can enable you to understand the motive of research and acquire the requisite skills

Scientific Writing

Enables you to write excellent  Reports, Dissertations and Scientific article

Seminars in Analytical Techniques (SAT)

Learn to analyze the data of XRD, Raman, IR, UV-VIS, XPS, Magnetic and Dielectric


Learn the Recent Trends to rule the social media

Academia judges you by your writing elegance rather than analytical capability

Scientific Content

Its very challenging for any writer to convey the scientific ideas to public in a clear, concise and coherent manner.

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What will you learn?

Aggregate the facts and mind map them in to your own ideas, will enable you to write plagiarism free breezy articles.

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Summer Internship

SCISOC trains post-graduate students in various techniques and tools that allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience in an research environment.

At SCISOC, we impart our interns with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their research domain. Our program motivates young researchers towards societal benefiting research areas and expands their horizons.



At SCISOC we work on various interesting problems which torment the medical community. Our approach is to ask question to understand than rather than giving plausible explanation.


Challenge the wisdom

Highlight the lack of understanding

Women Holding Hands

Support Services

Making a Difference


Education & Outreach

Educate the patient with current knowledge and enable them to make informed choice

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