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Metabolic Disorders

Ecological disorder of human body

Man Doing Blood Test

Type2 Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the human body failed to utilize the metabolites sugar, insulin and cholesterol. Consequently diabetes patients have elevated sugar, hyperinsulinemia and hyper cholesterolemia. The diabetes prevalence increased around the world and epicenter has shifted to Asia. The treatment revolves around decreasing each one separately.

Heart Diseases

As the body failed to utilize metabolites they get settled in the various part human body. The heart is one of the place where cholesterol accumulation occurs leading to the formation of atherosclerosis plaque. the treatment revolves around the reduction of cholesterol.

Liver and Onions

Non alcoholic liver diseases is a metabolic disorder leading to accumulation of fat in the liver. The treatment revolves around the reduction of fat.

Chronic Kidney Disease

As most of the metabolite which human body failed to utilize get accumulated in the blood, the clearing organ kidney undergoes sever damage. utilizing the metabolites may reduce the kidney damage.

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