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Scientific Animation Course

Even though science is logical, it is hard to understand as they are generally different from our real world experience. As the Atoms, Cells and Integral Calculus are difficult to imagine for a common man, animation will be ultimate tool to enunciate scientific concepts. To spread scientific knowledge, it is essential to create virtual scientific world. Our course is aimed at  equipping the scientist and students to convey their ideas lucid manner through animation.


Create Perfect Model of an Organism to demonstrate its Structure and Function


The images form real scientific data are lifeless. Enhance the data form Hubble telescope to TEM.  Create a virtual world by artistic projection of stunning visuals and bring them to life

Crab Nebula


Dynamics is an essential Part of the scientific world. Show the world, how anything moves and behave and respond to an stimuli. like the immune system in diseases

Particle and Hair Systems

In Science, smaller one is often the more powerful. Get to the minute details and change the perception of weak by showing their immense power in number and size

Animation of Interns

Interns unleash their creativity with quick learning

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