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Medical Physics

Physics is the much neglected part of biology and more so in medicine.

You ignore the physics at your own peril.

Airway Dynamics in Asthma and COPD

Lung diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality resulting in enormous hospitalization cost. Asthma is a chronic disease condition where sudden decline in lung function occurs due to allergen challenge whereas COPD is a chronic disease condition leading to gradual decline in lung function with acute exacerbation without causative agent challenge. Half of the world population suffers from either asthma which afflicts the young or COPD which manifest in the old. In India too, the Lung disease has replaced the communicable disease as leading cause of death. The importance of lung disease can be accentuated by the fact that lung function is a better predictor of mortality rather than cardio vascular disease.

Studying the airway dynamics not only contribute to understanding but also enable to asses susceptibility to asthma and predict the severity of symptoms. It will also enable as to enumerate airway hyperresponsivity (AHR) PC20 level for various allergen and bronchoconstricting agent.  In essence studying airway mechanics of lung disease in term of physics is not only of academic interest but also of therapeutic value

Doctor Staring at MRI Scan

Diagnostic Imaging

You believe what you see

Imaging can explore wide spectrum of disease ranging from communicable disease like Pneumonia and Tuberculosis to non-communicable disease like Osteoporosis, Cancer and epilepsy.  Imaging enables us to detect spatial dependence of several diseases like extent of cancer, Brain lesion in multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer. Good Imaging technique at local site is essential for highly successful treatment with minimal damage. Using various energy spectrum we can explore various type of tissues with high precision. The emerging nano particle based diagnostic imaging can surmount several limitations of the present techniques.

Micro Chip

Sensor for Diagnostics

Micro sensors keep an eye on your health

Micro sensors are tiny electronic components whose signal vary depending on the ambient parameters. They are used for monitoring of vital parameter of the patient in real time.

They are handy tools for managing a surgery

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Medical Consultation
Asian doctor checking a X-ray image

Site Specific Treatment

As we move away from communicable disease to chronic diseases, it is amply clear that they organ specific and requires local treatment. As most of the powerful drugs have serious side effects it is essential that the drug delivery and treatment should be highly localized. We develop methods to treat the site specific diseases in a localized manner.  Furthermore, the delivery of drugs to local site by various means and methods are explored. 

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