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Disease are not alone but you are

Comorbidities are set of medical condition which occur together. The comorbidities are ignored as they does not show acute symptoms. The reason for their co-occurrence is not known. Comorbidities will give clue about pathways involved in the disease process. Exploring the comorbidites will enable us to manage the treatment holistically.

Comorbidities and Infectious Diseases

Even though Infectious affects everybody their effect is different for each one. Particularly their effect is severe on those who is having comorbid condition such as diabetes and COPD. The correlation between them is not yet understood clearly. Exploring their relationship will provide us subtle clues to manage the infections effectively. Particularly, the bi directional relationship between TB and Diabetes is an intriguing one. They have a bidirectional association. Exploring the bidirectional association will enable to delineate the common  pathways involved.

Doctor Treating Patient

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