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Atopic Diseases


Disorder of children

Lung diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality which leading to extensive hospitalization cost. Asthma is a chronic disease condition where sudden decline in lung function occurs due to allergen challenge.   Asthma which afflicts the young, has high prevalence ranging from 15 to 25%. The situation is even worse as the lung disease prevalence is on rise both in developed and developing countries. In India too, the Lung disease has replaced the communicable disease as leading cause of death. The importance of lung disease can be accentuated by the fact that lung function is a better predictor of mortality than cardio vascular disease. The disability adjusted loss of young years  (DALLY) is around 5 to 6 for asthma.


Dermatitis is a skin disease which predominantly affects young children. it is an atopic disorder which affects 10-15 % of young population. The cause of the disease is not known. The treatment revolve around corticosteroids.

Worried child
Facial Care


Rhinitis is a nose disorder which causes runny nose on exposure to allergen. It is an atopic disorder which affects 10 -15% of population. The cause of the disorder is not known. Attributed to growth of pathogen, antibiotic is given. antihistamine are first line of treatment

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