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Chronic Diseases

Science lets you to learn rather than earn

As the world is thought be emerged victorious from infectious disease at the end of 20th century, it has been silently engulfed by an epidemic of chronic diseases in the 21st century. Chronic disease became the bane of modern society, and medical community is pretty much clueless about ways to address it. More than half of the world population suffers from various chronic diseases such as Asthma, Diabetes, Heart diseases, COPD, Cancer Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis etc.. More than 1/10th of world GDP is spent to treat it. Despite the increase in life expectancy,  disability free life expectancy which is a good measure of quality of life  actually reduced to less than 20 years of age. It is imperative to address the chronic disease challenge urgently to ease the suffering of billion people.

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Research has to explore route less traveled in order to eliminate Chronic Diseases

A disease becomes chronic only if they are incurable. Rather than attempting to cure an incurable, finding out the cause is much easier way to avoid an epidemic of chronic diseases for future generation. Thus it is efficient and economical to spend on finding out the cause rather than cure. However, the world (patients) is ready to pay only for cure rather than cause. As a consequence, even though the research to avoid epidemic is highly beneficial, there is hardly anyone there to carry out such research with conviction as there is not much monetary gain to be made. In essence, most of the current research chooses the easiest problem of masking the symptoms and making money out of it.


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When the world medical research runs behind the (Drugs) money for the cure, our organization gets a hand on the toughest problem of century (Origin of Chronic Disease) without monetary gain. Our aim is to avoid the epidemic of chronic disease for future generation by finding out the cause of these chronic diseases. Our motive is to reduce the chronic disease burden by half in 30 years. Our goal is to extend the disease and disability free life span beyond 100 years. The end result is a chronic disease free world with much saving to the world population.

What We Do

We are pursuing the cause of 100+ chronic diseases like Asthma, Rhinitis, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Heart disease, NAFLD, Kidney disease, Sinusitis, COPD, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoporosis, Cancer and many more. We develop a scientific basis to avoid chronic disease and minimize the damage from  communicable and chronic disease if acquired.

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Help to avoid future epidemic of chronic diseases

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"We may not cure you, but certainly can save your sons and daughters from it"

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29B Ground Floor, Kuberan Nagar,
Ram Nagar 6th main road


044 48037492

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